Type 4 Storage & Transport

We have engineered our units with various application options, making H2 Hauler a unique player in Australia's hydrogen industry

H2 Hauler — Advanced technology and efficiency for Producers, Transporters and Consumers.

H2 Hauler is the first high-capacity hydrogen tube trailer company in Australia. Based in Toowoomba, Queensland, H2 Hauler is the Original Equipment Manufacturer that designs, manufactures, services, and supports the equipment in Australia. The team that built the equipment is responsible for its maintenance and support.

The high-capacity type 4 cylinders used in our products come in 300 bar and 517 bar options. We use high quality, certified brands on all our manifolds and provide a full Material Data Record and comprehensive Internal Test Plan.

The increased pressure rating on these tube trailers and storage modules is a real advantage in decanting and refuelling scenarios as it saves time and reduces compression load.

The capacity on the 517 bar tube trailer is more than triple the capacity of conventional tube trailers saving driver hours, vehicle wear and reducing site congestion.

Type 4 tube trailers: 1000 kg capacity @ 517 bar & 670 kg capacity at 300 bar