With core values of Safety, Integrity and Innovation we aim to be the leading provider of hydrogen transport and storage solutions.

H2 Hauler – Transporting hydrogen into a clean energy future.

H2 Hauler is an Australian company based in Toowoomba Queensland that designs, manufactures and certifies storage and distribution equipment for compressed hydrogen.

Founded to service the renewable energy industry with Australian designed and built tube trailers/storage solutions that meet the market and maintain the highest standards.

H2 Hauler’s directors have extensive experience commercializing products and equipment for the transport, mining, and gas sectors with heavy focus on specialized transport and gas compression projects for many major energy companies. H2 Hauler was born out of the realization that the emerging hydrogen industry would require heavy transport, storage and logistics solutions. Prior work meant the team had the experience and expertise to service this gap. The directors also have expertise in the specialized areas of hydrogen, regulation, design, assembly, asset management and other specifications relating to the hydrogen transport and storage sector.

With core values of Safety, Integrity and Innovation we aim to be the leading provider of hydrogen transport and storage solutions.

H2 Hauler - Board of Directors

John Wagner


John has over 30 years of experience in construction, logistics, real estate, and aviation. With a continuous vision for growth and advanced technology, John has directly contributed to securing significant opportunities for Toowoomba and the Darling Downs through his family companies Wagners, Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies & Wellcamp Airport. As Chairman of H2 Hauler, John firmly believes in hydrogen as a future fuel and is a strong advocate for Australia’s green hydrogen industry.

Tyson Cooney

Director / CEO

Tyson is an accomplished and assertive senior RPEQ mechanical engineer specialising in high-pressure gas processes, piping systems, and gas handling equipment. He has extensively designed and certified equipment for the Energy and Mining sectors, strongly focusing on the CSG industry. Tyson has been involved in numerous gas handling and flaring projects with reputable companies like Shell, EDL, Origin, Santos, and Arrow. He possesses a remarkable 20-year skill set in mechanical and process design, project, and front-end engineering and design, which has led to the successful completion of various projects with different clients. Tyson’s expertise is further demonstrated by his exceptional project planning and budget management skills.

Trent Humphrys

Director / COO

Trent possesses an extensive logistics and manufacturing background in the CSG industry. With over two decades of experience in high-end fabrication and fit-out of drilling rigs, pressure vessels, piping systems, transport equipment, and gas process fitting, Trent has developed a sharp eye for detail on how equipment is constructed and fitted. He has previously worked in the oil and coal seam gas sectors, where he held multiple leadership and management roles, including production and logistics. Trent successfully oversaw the planning and progression of daily schedules during equipment builds and is well-versed in QA and HSEQ regulations.

Jack Wagner


Jack has been involved in transport and logistics for over 11 years, with previous roles including Wagners Group transport manager and Wagners projects transport manager. Jack has had extensive project management experience working on the PNG liquid natural gas project, which included all aspects of onsite facilities and day-to-day project considerations. Jack’s experience has often required managing and coordinating over 25 triples and quad road trains to operate 24/7 in remote Australian locations such as Northeastern Northern Territory, Far Western Queensland and North Queensland. Jack has worked in senior transport roles and is experienced in heavy transport compliance, regulation and commercial negotiations.

jack wagner