Type 2 Storage & Transport

We have designed our units with various application options, making H2 Hauler a unique player in Australia's hydrogen industry.

H2 Hauler – Transporting hydrogen into a clean energy future.

H2 Hauler is a Queensland based manufacturer of tube trailers and storage modules for the Australian hydrogen industry. 

Type 2 tube trailers: Utilizing the 40’ ISO footprint, this configuration allows for a versatile and user-friendly way to handle compressed hydrogen gas. The mainstream and economical type 2 steel/carbon fibre hoop wrapped ISO cylinder increases the capacity of a type 1 yet remains a cost-efficient way to store and distribute gas at reasonable working pressures. 

Using certified global brands for the pressure control manifold as well as trusted safety components, these units undergo rigorous testing and QA in our Toowoomba workshop upon completion.

Type 2 tube trailer: Capacity 469kg @ 250 bar

250 Bar Tube trailer

250 Bar 40’ ISO module