Coming soon to H2 Hauler: We're introducing an advanced hydrogen distribution service providing a seamless end-to-end delivery of green hydrogen. Stay tuned.

H2 Hauler: delivering high quality hydrogen in bulk across Australia

At H2 Hauler, safety and security take precedence in delivering hydrogen to your site seamlessly through our advanced distribution service. If owning assets isn’t your preference, we have you covered – H2 Hauler offers the flexibility of delivering your high-quality hydrogen gas via one of our specialized hydrogen tube trailers, ground storage ISOs or via a “Drop Station”  H2 Haulers free standing MEGC swap and go option. We take pride in providing high-quality hydrogen adhering to strict Australian standards, ensuring our customers only receive a premium product to their sites across Australia. With H2 Hauler, experience dedicated distribution services covering delivery, storage, and meticulous management of high-quality green hydrogen right to your door.

H2 Hauler can provide a range of distribution options to suit any site operation